Tuesday, May 28th

Romaine Salad

Side of the Day

Crispy Chicken Thighs with Smoky Chickpeas

Slow Braised Beef Brisket

Tortellini a la Crema


Wednesday, May 29th

Spinach Salad

Chicken Chimichurri

Lemon Fish


Grilled Vegetables

Thursday, May 30th "Peru"

Romaine Salad

Spicy Peruvian Pork

Pescado Sudado

Vegan Causa

Purple Rice

Choclo at Comino (Cumin and Lime)

Friday, May 31st

Romaine Leaves Salad

Side of the Day

Coq au Vin

Grilled Pork Chop

Penne Pasta

Cheese Fondue

Monday, June 3rd "Asian Flavors"

Spring Mix Salad

Side of the Day

Beef Stir Fry

Yakitori Shrimp

Curried Butternut Squash

Asian Noodles

Wok Vegetables

Tuesday, June 4th "Yummy Quinoa Bowls"

Spring Mix Salad

Side of the Day

Garlic Basil Chicken with Tomato Butter Sauce

Maple Bourbon Glazed Chicken

White Quinoa

Grilled Asparagus and Snow Peas

Wednesday, June 5th

Romaine Leaves Salad

Side of the Day

Roasted Beef Round Eye Streak

Grilled Fish

Sweet Potato Bat with Condiments

Sauteed Mustard Greens

Thursday, June 6th "Hawaiian Luau"

Hawaiian Slaw

Kalua Pig

Luau Chicken

Vegan Loco Moco

Hawaiian Rice with Pineapple

Roasted Taro

Friday, June 7th

Lettuce Salad

Chicken with Mushrooms

Fish with Butter and Capers


Swiss Chard

Monday, June 10th "Brazil Flavors"

Arugula Salad

Side of the Day

Feijoada (Chicken and Black Bean Stew)

Moqueca (Brazilian Fish Stew)

Vegetarian Feijoada


Brazilian Collard Greens

Tuesday, June 11th "Gyro Bar"

Baby Spinach Salad

Pork and Beef Gyro Meat

Fish Gyro

Roasted Papas